Dec. 29, 2021

32: Leaving Your Job? Consider This First with Darcy Eikenberg

32: Leaving Your Job? Consider This First with Darcy Eikenberg
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Darcy's new book, Red Cape Rescue, is the driving force behind our conversation today.

Darcy is an author and owner of Red Cape Revolution where she coaches business leaders across the country. After reading her book, Chris had a ton of questions that he wanted to clarify for the listeners.

We cover a wide variety of topics, from the right way to leave your job and start something new, overcoming the "battle of the brain", some trends Darcy is seeing with the Great Resignation, and how she got into the coaching business.

I recommend this episode for both team leaders trying to get more from their team, as well as employees who are either thinking about leaving their current job for another or starting their own business.

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