Dec. 22, 2021

29: Beyond the Employee Mindset with Megan Woodell

29: Beyond the Employee Mindset with Megan Woodell
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If you're a new business owner or on the fence about starting your own business, this one's for you. Megan is a business and mindset coach and founder of Mindset in the Making.

In this episode, we apply the main steps of Megan's coaching program to Chris's business to give you some real world advice on starting a business, as well as get a feel what it's like to work with Megan.

We dive into the practical ways of structuring your days and weeks for the most productivity, what questions you need to ask yourself when going into business, the mental shift from the "employee mindset" to the "entrepreneur mindset", and how she listened to customer feedback to niche down and find her current business.

Connect with Megan on Instagram @megwoodell.

Visit her website at and download some of her free resources and business plans.

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