Nov. 3, 2021

21: April Stercula

21: April Stercula
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April Stercula, CEO of Baxter Marine Group, sits down with Chris to give business advice to a new entrepreneur. With over 30 years of experience at the helm of giant organizations in a wide variety of fields, you won't want to miss the insights that April brings to the table.

Over her 30 year career, April has managed every aspect of business including product development, operations, compliance and risk management, finance, marketing, and sales. 

Prior to co-founding Baxter Marine Group, April served as the Chief of Staff for Flightdocs, where she managed the company's acquisition by ATP, and led the successful transition of the company to the new owner.

Her other leadership roles include CEO for a European lending institution backed by a large global private equity firm, Chief of Staff for Sallie Mae, and Head of Risk Management for MBNA.

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