Sept. 10, 2021

08: Michael Boly

08: Michael Boly

On this episode, Chris talks with Michael Boly via web call. Michael is a college student and host of the Control Shift Mindset podcast, all about teaching personal development to college students and young adults. Michael is also the co-founder of a small SaaS company called Team Tracker, and sells for Vector Marketing out of Oregon.

We discuss a wide variety of topics, from the transformation that takes place when you start a sales role, all the way to meditation, ways to change your perspective, and the application of Buddhist principles to get past self-doubt.

To learn more about some of the books and topics discussed, check out the links below:

Tony Robbins:
Thich Nhat Hanh:
Greg McKeown:
The Four Agreements:
(This is one of my favorite books as well)

To connect with Michael on LinkedIn, visit:

Instagram: Michaelboly
TikTok: Bolysstories

Check out his podcast, Control Shift Mindset at:

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