Aug. 31, 2021

06: Rick Heine

06: Rick Heine
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On today's episode, Chris sits down with his dad, Rick Heine, to talk about what it takes to start a business. 

Rick is a long time entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience starting, running, and selling businesses in a variety of industries. After the sale of Flightdocs to ATP in July 2020, Rick went on to purchase Wheelhouse Technologies and Vessel Vanguard to provide maintenance tracking software to the marine industry. They recently revamped one of the critical safety kits, Seakits, and those can be purchased at

Rick discusses his thoughts on "failure", some of the questions you need to ask yourself before starting a business, and the possible dangers of borrowing money from or starting a business with friends or relatives. 

Since starting Flightdocs and moving on to Wheelhouse and Vessel Vanguard, the primary focus has been to revolutionize the industry and build a business through that lens. Before that, his first business started out by seeing an opportunity and running with it, primarily focusing on excellent customer service and an excellent product.

We also dive into the importance of cash flow. Check it out towards the end of the episode, it's insightful.

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Wheelhouse Technologies and Vessel Vanguard websites can be found here (new websites launch 9/15/21):

You can purchase a Seakit here and save $50 by using the code SAVE50 :

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