Aug. 31, 2021

04: Steve Calabrese

04: Steve Calabrese
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On today's episode, Chris interviews Steve Calabrese, VP of Florida Lending at Equitable Mortgage. Steve is a mortgage lender and investor based out of Bonita Springs, FL.

We discuss cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Altcoins, the future of International Banking and payments systems, and get an overview of how some of these technologies work. We also dive into spearfishing, dropping out of college, changing your daily routine to grow your business, and even a story about getting shot in the back of the head by a paintball gun.

To learn more about cryptocurrencies and how they might impact your future, Steve recommends these YouTube channels to start learning:

Jeff Sekkinger:

The Bearable Bull:


To get in touch with Steve, DM him on Instagram at @StevenMichaelCalabrese OR email him at

If you like what you hear and want to have a podcast produced for you, visit to learn more. We offer podcast production and more in Bonita Springs, FL.