Aug. 26, 2021

01: Matt Reed

01: Matt Reed
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Episode 1:

On today's episode, Matt and Chris talk about the Great Resignation and Steven Pressfield's book, Turning Pro.

In addition to stumbling through the first episode, we talk about leaving your job, working from home, and what it was like during the outbreak of the pandemic. We also talk about some of the main points from Turning Pro: How Resistance can introduce self doubt and imposter syndrome, how it's a force that's external from ourselves, and that almost every self help book includes points you already knew.

To access the 30-Day Challenge Chris mentions:

Here's the NPR article Matt references: As The Pandemic Recedes, Millions Of Workers Are Saying 'I Quit' - Andrea Hsu -

Here's the Forbes article Matt references: ‘The Great Resignation’ Migration And What This Means For Your Career - Bryan Robinson, Ph.D. -

Here's the link to Steven Pressfield's book on Audible:

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